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Cloud-Based POS: Essential Features for Retail Businesses

Person uses a point of sale at a checkout counter

At its most basic function, a POS system acts as a present-day cash register. But in reality, it can and should do so much more. A modern, powerful POS should perform with standard features as well as customizable functions for more niche retail operations. But what are the essential POS features that every business needs?Your … Read more

How To Improve Inventory Management: A Guide to Smarter Inventory

Warehouse worker conducts inventory management count of a business's products using an inventory scanner

The painstaking days of checking spreadsheets and staying overnight to do laborious one-by-one stock counts are over. With modern software, the process of doing real-time inventory management counts is made incredibly easy and streamlined. By using the right applications and metrics for your retail company you can analyze and predict inventory needs with great accuracy … Read more

Cloud-Based POS Software – The Benefits of a Modern Point of Sale System

Person uses cloud-based software in a business setting

Using cloud-based technology comes with an array of benefits that make it a rather obvious choice for most modern B2C businesses, such as retail, quick-service, or ticketing establishments. It’s no longer necessary or advantageous for business owners of any size to store their POS software and data on bulky local servers. With the cloud, you will … Read more

What Is a POS System? A Guide for Retail Businesses

Man uses a POS system at a retail checkout area

When you checkout at any coffee shop or retail store you’re using a point of sale (POS) system. A POS system is what facilitates and executes the purchase.  Technically, handing someone cash on the street for a drink constitutes a point of sale as well. But for the purpose of this article, a POS system … Read more

Promotion Ideas and Guide

In-store promotions are an important aspect to your business. It is a way for you to gain new customers, to keep your current customers, and to give the customer a great shopping experience. There are 3 different ways that you, as retailers, need to identify with your customers- new customers, existing customers, and the customer … Read more

End of Life for Windows XP

Windows XP has now officially reached its end of life but what does this really mean? Short and simple: Your system will keep running but Microsoft will no longer provide updates or patches for XP and shut down any XP support. If your POS system is running on Windows XP this should be concerning for … Read more

Cloud POS – What you should know about the Cloud

Cloud POS - What you should know about the Cloud

It is clearly a hot topic in the industry. It is the most feared and wanted new thing on the market. There is a lot of buzz but most people don’t have a clear understanding of what Cloud POS is all about. This hype introduced a lot of new terms to POS which became for many people a general association with the overall topic of Cloud POS. I would like to break them down and explain each the distinctions between each one.

This will hopefully paint a clearer picture of the new POS technologies for your business and guide you in your selection process.

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