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Cloud-Based POS Software – The Benefits of a Modern Point of Sale System

Using cloud-based technology comes with an array of benefits that make it a rather obvious choice for most modern B2C businesses, such as retail, quick-service, or ticketing establishments. It’s no longer necessary or advantageous for business owners of any size to store their POS software and data on bulky local servers. With the cloud, you will be running applications with data that is stored off-site, internet-accessible, and kept securely. 

A cloud-based POS costs less to start up, allows for more seamless integration, and ensures accessibility and security features that are undeniable. The endless benefits of cloud-based software make it an increasingly popular and promising option for conducting businesses in this space.

What Is A Cloud-Based Model?

Cloud-based software generally operates as a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Businesses pay a monthly subscription fee for the software (and sometimes necessary hardware such as barcode scanners, display screens, etc) that runs their point of sale system.

Whereas traditional legacy systems relied on storing data and servers in-house, cloud-based systems offer a much more sleek, streamlined, updated alternative. Your whole system will be accessible through an application that you can sign into from any location with wifi. Often the only real computer hardware that you will need are desktop displays or tablets to operate your interface. 

A good example of a cloud-based application is Google Docs. As opposed to files like Microsoft Word documents which are stored on a computer’s hard drive, Google Docs are stored on Google’s cloud servers and are remotely accessible from any place you can sign in to your account. 

This provides obvious advantages for people including increased sharing capabilities, accessibility, and automatic backup. Similarly cloud-based POS offers many updated technological advantages over traditional legacy systems. Here are some more clear advantages that cloud-based POS systems offer.

  1. More Affordable
  2. Scalability and Mobility
  3. More Security and Less Data Loss
  4. Automatic and Free Upgrades
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Customer Management
  7. Remote Accessibility
  8. Employee Management
  9. Flexibility

1. Cloud POS Is Much More Affordable

Cloud systems across the board are cheaper and easier to get up and running. They often do not require any labor costs to set up because they don’t require in-house servers and equipment to operate. Basically, all you need is the internet and your subscription to the cloud-based provider that you choose to work with. 

Monthly subscriptions are generally related to the amount of sales income your business is accruing.  As such they require significantly less start-up capital to implement and get your business running. This lets new companies use their cash flow for other purposes while also jumpstarting their sales intake.

2. Cloud-Based POS Systems Offer Easy Scalability And Mobility 

Cloud-based solutions naturally take a modular approach in implementation. You can easily add multiple check-out locations or on-floor tablets to your existing cloud-based system. There’s no need to engineer or program software in order to sync. All you have to do is add the application and sign in. 

This is a huge asset for businesses with multiple types of checkouts and purchase options. For example, say you are a company hosting a festival. You need to check people in with digital tickets, accept cash for beverage purchases, and also offer credit card payment options for merchandise. Cloud software can make this type of multi-option checkout environment function effortlessly. 

Cloud-based POS technology is designed to encourage your growth and scalability. Add multiple brick-and-mortar locations with extreme ease and seamless consistency.  If you plan on expanding your business in the future, try using cloud-based solutions like Combase USA.

3. Protect Against Data Loss And Security Protection

With the cloud, all of your data is constantly getting backed up in real-time. You never have to worry about saving and protecting the information that helps you run and track your business. Like a Google Doc, you can rely on the internet-based backup feature that ensures constant reliability. Using the cloud means data loss is virtually impossible. 

In addition, you won’t have to think about the dangers of security breaches, viruses, and malware that are associated with local traditional servers. Cloud-based POS reduces the risk of data breaches significantly. Using advanced encryption technology, your software will be protected, updated, and monitored to protect your customer’s sensitive information and ensure the smoothness of your business operation.

4. Cloud POS Software Has Automatic and Free Upgrades

Don’t bother worrying about being computer savvy or hiring an IT person to operate a cloud-based POS system. Updates and upgrades are automatic and free. As long as you are paying for the subscription fees then your system will automatically update with the latest software, including antivirus, patches, and the newest integration availability. 

Whereas old-fashioned legacy systems presented the possible problem of running out of room on your servers, all of your storage will be on the cloud. Therefore, you will never run out of room!

5. Advanced Inventory Management 

Seamlessly linked and updated inventory management is the standard for smart cloud-based POS. Keep all of your stock perfectly accounted for with a consolidated product database that integrates across all channels. This means that your smart POS will notify you when you’re low, track lead time, auto-reorder, and much more. 

Modern POS systems like Combase USA operate on a perpetual inventory style system where your product stock is monitored in real-time. Your system will be updated whether an item is being stocked onto a storage shelf, returned to a brick and mortar location, or sold through your eCommerce platform.

6. Better Customer Management

Simplify your loyalty programs and email marketing with cloud POS systems that are readily compatible with customer relationship management (CRM) software. Combase USA integrates with CRM applications such as bLoyal to get the most out of your customer’s purchasing information and sales potential. 

Cloud point of sale technology enables your business to utilize your clientele’s information across all platforms. If an eCommerce customer enters your brick and mortar location, your floor employees can access the customer’s purchase history and review their individual tastes quickly and efficiently with a POS-linked tablet to personalize the shopping experience and/or cross-sell specific products. The cloud allows vital information to be effortlessly shared and accessed by your employees. 

7. Remote Accessibility for Monitoring

Cloud-based POS systems enable you to remotely access all of your real-time data while on the go, from the comfort of your home, or at any of your brick and mortar locations. Business owners and managers can monitor all real-time business operations from any location. As long as you have internet access you can log into your POS account. From there you can observe your sales, employee clock-ins, inventory, and more.

8. Remote Employee Management 

Combase USA integrates with employee management software TimeForge. This application enables remote access for employees to view their schedules, trade shifts, make changes, or request off. 

No need to send emails and manually make changes and updates to schedules. Everything can be done remotely through the POS system that is connected to the cloud. Employees simply sign into their profile on the TimeForge app and any adjustments will be automatically synced with the POS.

9. Software With Extreme Flexibility

Whatever new technology, applications, and integrations arise, your POS system should be positioned to implement all of the tools available.  This also means accepting the next form of payment technology. 

Combase USA software is designed to be adaptive, upgradeable, and integration-ready. As digital wallets, contactless payment (NFC), and crypto continue to show us new types of payment options, make sure your POS is ready to accept emerging technologies with open arms.

Smooth Omnichannel Consistency 

Using the cloud means that all of your business operations are run through into one smart integrated system. This helps facilitate painless omnichannel sales, as your inventory and logistical data are all centralized. 

No matter where your business is making a sale, the check-out experience and fulfillment should be smart and consistent. Check out Combase USA today to get the best omnichannel, cloud-based, POS software on the market!