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Best Liquor Store POS Systems in 2024

Selecting the best POS system for liquor stores means considering advanced inventory tracking, age verification systems, customer relationship management (CRM), case builders, other specific promotion types, and omnichannel sales channels, among other features.

It also requires choosing a system with encrypted PCI-compliant security and detailed reporting to mitigate fraud and minimize shrinkage. We review top systems on the market featuring robust functionality for alcohol retail environments ranging from single liquor boutiques to multi-location chains.

Whether you operate with pen and paper or use outdated technology, upgrading to a modern liquor-specialized POS system can pay dividends through increased efficiency, sales growth, and better visibility into store operations. Let’s explore some standout systems and how they can set your liquor business up for revenue growth and operational efficiency.


Retail POS Terminals of KORONA POS.

Developed by COMBASE USA, KORONA POS is a point of sale solution tailored for liquor stores with convenience, compliance, and strategic business insights. Offering features like case breaks and mix & match options, it simplifies inventory management and enhances customer experience.

Seamless integration with eCommerce platforms and age verification reminders ensure regulatory compliance. The processing-agnostic approach allows flexibility in choosing payment processors, maximizing cost-effectiveness. KORONA POS also integrates with bLoyal for real-time customer loyalty management. Automated inventory tools make stock management efficient, including reorder triggers and robust reporting.

Case breaks and mix & match features

Liquor stores often sell products in case quantities, where a case contains multiple bottles or cans of a particular liquor, wine, or beer. The “case breaks” feature in a liquor store POS system allows stores to easily break down cases and sell individual units out of a case. The “mix-and-match” feature allows customers to purchase a customized variety pack of individual units across various products or cases while still getting quantity discounts.

KORONA POS automatically tracks when cases are broken, updating inventory levels for each bottle. It ensures accurate inventory data and eliminates the need for manual calculations. The POS system can easily set up and manage mix-and-match promotions, automatically calculating discounts and applying them to customer purchases. This simplifies the process for both customers and staff.

Online store and eCommerce integration

KORONA POS seamlessly connects with various eCommerce retail platforms like WooCommerce. This means you can effortlessly combine sales data from your online and physical stores in one convenient point of sale system. Easily create custom promotions and set up your business website. KORONA POS also integrates with Bottlecapps, a tech-savvy solutions company dedicated to modernizing beer, wine, and liquor stores in the online world. Bottlecapps is a handy tool that helps liquor stores connect with customers, foster loyalty, and boost sales.

Age verification reminders 

Age verification reminders help liquor store owners and cashiers comply with age verification regulations by providing customizable reminders at checkout. These reminders can be displayed on the screen or printed on receipts, informing cashiers and customers about the legal drinking age and the requirement for a valid ID.

KORONA POS can be configured to automatically prompt cashiers for ID verification for purchases of age-restricted items, further reducing the risk of accidental underage sales.


Unlike any other point of sale system, KORONA POS operates independently of any specific processor, allowing you to choose the payment solution that aligns with your business needs and budget. With KORONA POS, you’re not locked into pre-determined rates or forced to accept subpar services. Instead, you enjoy complete control over your transactions, selecting the processor with the most competitive rates and features tailored to your unique business dynamics.

If needed, KORONA POS can even assist you in navigating the vast landscape of payment processors, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. This processing-agnostic approach ensures you always get the best deal and optimal performance, maximizing your return on investment. 

Liquor Store Customer Loyalty Program

The system is fully integrated with several customer loyalty programs, including springbig, CityHive, and bLoyal. These allow liquor stores to reward their regular customers easily.

A unique aspect of this integration is that cashiers can access and utilize the loyalty features in real-time at the point of sale. For example, cashiers can load gift cards, process loyalty order redemptions, and even create shipping orders for wineries – all functions that make the loyalty program highly convenient and effective. Maintaining customer loyalty can be challenging for businesses that deal heavily with shipping, like wineries, but the seamless bLoyal integration addresses this issue by streamlining the shipping process.

Ultimately, by partnering with the robust bLoyal program, KORONA POS enables liquor stores to foster stronger loyalty among customers and provide added convenience during checkout and shipping.

Automated Inventory Management

KORONA POS takes the headache out of managing inventory with its automated tools for tracking stock levels and purchase orders. The system allows you to set reorder points on every product to trigger automatic supplier purchase orders when inventory runs low. You can customize the reorder level for each item based on factors like demand variability and lead time. As soon as the on-hand quantity hits that preset reorder point, the system will email purchase orders directly to your distributor to streamline the resupply process.

In addition to automated restocking, KORONA POS provides robust reporting and notifications to help you stay on top of your inventory. The system sends email or text alerts when inventory falls below defined thresholds, ensuring you are always aware of potential outages before they impact sales. Users can run reports analyzing historical demand during peak periods to optimize future purchase orders and stock levels. The integrated shipment tracking tool gives real-time visibility into order statuses and estimated arrival times. With its powerful analytics and inventory monitoring capabilities, KORONA POS gives businesses the insights they need to manage stock levels efficiently.

2. mPower Beverage

Retail POS Terminals of mPower Beverage as one of the best POS system for Liquor stores.

mPower Beverage is a versatile liquor store software designed for flexible alcohol sales, offering case, pack, bottle, and can option without separate inventory items. With smart ordering features, it optimizes inventory transfers and recommends purchases based on real-time sales metrics, enhancing decision-making. The system facilitates easy data migration and integrates with various services, enabling seamless transitions and third-party functionality. Automated reporting ensures managers can access vital sales and inventory data, while integrated credit card processing and automated tax calculations streamline transactions and compliance.

Beverage specific setup

The mPower liquor store software lets you order and sell alcohol flexibly. You can sell by the case, pack, bottle, or can without needing separate inventory items. The software allows customized categorization to help customers find what they want. You can add third-party reviews with the reviewer’s name and rating score. You can also write tasting notes and food pairings.

Smart ordering and transferring

The mPower liquor store system has features to help manage inventory transfers and ordering. It can generate suggested transfer alerts to notify when a product is in low stock at one store but another store has excess, allowing stores to share inventory based on current sales data instead of missing sales. For supplier deals, mPower analyzes sales velocity metrics to recommend how many cases of each product size and flavor a store should order to optimize the purchase across locations. This business intelligence functionality allows liquor stores to base stock transfers and ordering on real-time metrics rather than guesses.

Data migration & integrations

The mPower system makes it easy to import existing data from other systems or start with pre-loaded product data for over 20,000 beverage items to reduce manual entry. Their team can assist with extracting outside data and importing it. mPower also allows easy data export integration with various services – online alcohol delivery platforms can access mPower’s product catalog, shelf tag systems can receive price changes, purchase orders can connect with payment processors, and sales activity can integrate with accounting software like QuickBooks. This flexibility supports migrating into the mPower system from another database and integrating with various third-party systems downstream for additional functionality. mPower integrates with various services like Drync, Drizly, Pricer, Fintech, and QuickBooks. 

Automated reporting

Managers of busy beverage establishments need access to sales and inventory data on demand to keep business operations humming smoothly. The mPower Beverage POS System comes equipped with automated sales and inventory reporting to help streamline data analysis for managers. With just the click of a button, the system will instantly generate detailed reports on transactions, sales totals, popular menu items, inventory levels, and more. The reports can be customized to pull in-depth data for any date range, allowing managers to track trends over time easily.

Tenders & taxes

When ringing up sales, mPower Beverage offers integrated credit card processing for seamless transactions. Cashiers can accept various payment types and view journal details on each sale. The software also automates complex tax and fee calculations – specialized rates like bottle deposits or customer-specific taxes are automatically factored based on the products and locations configured. Batch reporting helps manage daily totals for tenders, taxes, and more. This end-to-end functionality handles everything from integrated payment processing to customized regional fee rules and sales activity reporting. 

3. BottlePOS

Retail POS Terminals of Bottle POS as one of the best POS system for Liquor stores.

BottlePOS offers liquor stores a comprehensive solution with dual pricing options to incentivize cash transactions and offset credit card fees. Its individual SKU management simplifies inventory tasks, reducing shrinkage through integrated transaction recordings and security footage analysis. The platform’s omnichannel capabilities, including online ordering through BottleZoo and third-party delivery services, enhance customer reach and satisfaction. With marketing and promotion features, such as SMS integration and online inventory showcasing, BottlePOS empowers liquor store owners to boost sales and engagement effectively.

Dual Pricing Options

Dual pricing, also known as cash discounting, is a feature that encourages customers to pay with cash instead of credit cards. This is achieved by offering a percentage discount on purchases made with cash. The benefit for business owners is twofold. Firstly, customers opting for cash transactions receive a discount, potentially attracting those who prefer cash transactions or are price-sensitive. Secondly, the business owner can offset the fees associated with credit card transactions, thereby improving the overall profitability of each sale.

Individual SKUs in stock

For liquor stores dealing with many products, managing inventory efficiently is crucial. Bottle POS provides a centralized database for common products, making updating and managing inventory easy. This feature streamlines the process of adding, removing, or updating individual Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

Reducing shrinkage and loss

Inventory shrinkage is a common challenge for small business owners. Bottle POS addresses this issue by utilizing transaction recordings and in-store security footage. This integrated approach enables businesses to track and analyze sales transactions, helping to identify discrepancies and potential instances of theft or fraud.

Omnichannel capabilities

Bottle POS offers omnichannel capabilities through its online ordering platform called BottleZoo. This feature allows liquor store owners to expand their reach and increase sales by providing customers with the convenience of online ordering. Additionally, integrated third-party delivery services offer a door-to-door delivery option, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Marketing and promotions capabilities

Bottle POS provides marketing and promotions capabilities to boost sales and customer engagement. The integration with SMS marketing allows businesses to directly reach out to customers with promotions, discounts, and updates. Moreover, the integration with Google search marketing and Pointy enables liquor store owners to showcase their inventory online, making it easier for potential customers to find their products.

4. Lightspeed Retail 

Retail POS Terminals of Lightspeed Retail as one of the best POS system for Liquor stores.

Lightspeed Retail offers liquor stores a versatile solution with click-and-collect and shipping options, enhancing customer convenience. Its cloud-based feature enables remote retail management, providing real-time data access for informed decision-making while ensuring security through encrypted communication and automatic updates. The system includes low-stock alerts for efficient inventory management and robust reporting capabilities with customizable options for tailored insights into sales, inventory, and customer behavior. Lightspeed Retail proves suitable for liquor stores seeking flexibility, accessibility, and comprehensive operational optimization.

Click and collect and shipping

Lightspeed Retail allows customers to order online and pick up their purchases in-store at their convenience. Businesses can define specific delivery zones and set different delivery fees for each zone. Lightspeed Retail integrates with various shipping providers to offer real-time shipping rates and automate shipping labels. 

Cloud-based Liquor store

Lightspeed Retail’s cloud-based feature revolutionizes retail management by offering unparalleled access and flexibility. From anywhere with an internet connection, you can control menus, inventory, and settings, whether using a desktop or iPad. This eliminates the need to be physically present at the store and provides real-time data to empower informed decision-making. Enhanced security through encrypted communication, restricted access, and secure backups ensures peace of mind. Additionally, automatic updates and collaboration tools further optimize operations. 

Low stock alerts

Lightspeed Retail includes low-stock alert features to help businesses manage inventory effectively. Users can set custom thresholds for each product, and the system will generate alerts when stock levels fall below the specified minimum.

Reports customization 

Lightspeed Retail provides robust reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to generate various reports to gain insights into their performance. Users can customize reports based on specific criteria, such as sales, inventory, customer behavior, etc. Customization options may include choosing specific data fields, date ranges, and filters to tailor reports to the business’s unique needs. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Liquor Store POS System

With the unique demands of the liquor retail business, it’s essential to carefully evaluate various aspects before deciding.

1. Essential POS Features for Liquor Stores

Inventory management

Automated inventory tracking: Real-time tracking of stock levels to prevent overselling and out-of-stocks. When evaluating POS options, liquor store owners should consider key features, budget for hardware and software, and factor in ongoing customer support and maintenance needs.

Ingredient management: Track ingredients for cocktails and recipes to manage costs and ensure consistency.

Age verification: Built-in ID scanners to ensure compliance with age restrictions.

Low stock alerts: Automated notifications when inventory falls below a set threshold.

Purchase order management: Streamline order placement and track deliveries.

Sales Reporting

Detailed Sales Data: Analyze sales trends by product, category, brand, and staff member.

Profitability Reports: Track your gross margin and identify areas for improvement.

Sales Forecasting: Predict future sales based on historical data.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Manage customer information and send targeted promotions.

Payment Processing

Integration with Payment Processors: Accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payments.

Cash Discounting: Offer discounts to encourage customers to pay in cash.

Gift Card Management: Issue and redeem gift cards to increase customer loyalty.

Other Important Features

Employee management: Track employee timecards and manage payroll.

Security and compliance: Ensure your system is PCI-compliant and protects customer data.

Multi-Store management: Manage multiple stores from a centralized location.

Reporting and analytics: Generate comprehensive reports to gain insights into your business performance.

Loyalty programs: Reward loyal customers and encourage repeat business.

Mobile app: Manage your store remotely and access real-time data on the go.

2. Budget Considerations for Liquor Store POS Systems

Once you’ve identified your essential features, it’s crucial to consider your budget. POS systems can range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Here are some factors to consider:

Hardware costs: Consider the cost of the POS terminals, scanners, printers, and other hardware you’ll need.

Software costs: Most POS systems require a monthly subscription fee for software updates and support.

Implementation costs: Some vendors charge a setup fee or installation costs.

Transaction Fees: Some payment processors charge per-transaction fees.

3. Customer Support & Maintenance

Choosing a POS system with reliable customer support and maintenance is essential. You’ll need access to help when you encounter technical issues or need system assistance.

Here are some important aspects of customer support to consider:

Availability: 24/7 support is ideal, but at least ensure support during business hours.

Response times: Timely responses to your inquiries are crucial.

Support channels: Choose a system with multiple support channels, such as phone, email, and live chat.

Training resources: Access to comprehensive training materials and user guides is essential.

4. Additional Tips

Free trials: Many POS vendors offer free trials, so you can try the system before you buy.

Read reviews: Research online reviews from other liquor store owners to understand the pros and cons of different systems.

Get quotes: Compare prices and features from multiple vendors before making a decision.

Consider scalability: Choose a system that can grow with your business.

Ask about integrations: Ensure the system integrates with your existing software, such as accounting and marketing tools.

Best POS System for Liquor Stores: Wrapping Up

Key factors to consider include essential features like age verification, inventory management, detailed sales reporting, and payment processing capabilities. Liquor store owners should also evaluate budgetary considerations for hardware and software and the importance of reliable customer support and maintenance. By carefully comparing POS solutions in terms of features, budget, and ongoing support, liquor store owners can select the right technology partner for their business. Investing in a feature-rich, user-friendly POS system designed for liquor retail can help increase efficiency, insights, and profitability over the long run.