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Special Features to Meet your Ticketing Needs

Ticket Printing

For everyday events allow yourself the ideal advantages of KORONA.pos. A variety of receipts and ticket printers from a wide variety of leading manufacturers can connect easily. There are no obstacles for printing a single ticket in high speed or even plastic cards with up to four colors is not a problem.

Magnetic Stripe and RFID

Support for a wide variety of input including magnetic stripe and RFID chips.

Access Control

By integrating KORONA.pos with highly advanced access control systems, it is possible to assign permissions and monitor passage completely. This works best with location-independent mobile clients that query on an existing wireless network to be valid. This greatly facilitates the business in these areas.

Visitor Management

It is also possible to integrate visitor management systems for complete access control through the KORONA.pos system. A variety of scenarios for determining validity can be covered, for example, either directly at the time of sale or at the actual date of first entry. However, season tickets for user-defined periods are also possible. There is even the option to allow any number of entrees per ticket depending on the settings.

Pricing Structures

Flexible ticket pricing structures allow you to create the structure that best suits the needs of your event or organization.

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