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Special Features for your Hospitality Business

Customizable Menu Sequence

In settings where multiple course meals are being offered, this feature is particularly ideal. Quickly organize orders into any sequence you want, for example, by assigning items as appetizer, main course, or desserts. This ensures that orders are produced in the right sequence so customers get the right items at the right time and in the perfect condition, every time.

Dealing with Special Requests

In the restaurant environment, special requests can be especially plentiful. With KORONA.pos, items can have an unlimited number of additional notes added to them. In each case, it is possible to choose directly from a pre-defined list or add a customized note. This helps ensure clear communication throughout the entire process from taking the order to delivering to the customer, making sure your customers get just what they requested.


The tip function in the KORONA.pos system sets the given tip rate to the current bill, but it always retains its own status. In other words, even though it is used in the calculation of the sale, on the receipt it will be listed separately and not included in the total turnover.

Eat-in or Take-out

If a separate tax is required for orders that are eaten in-house or as take-out, Korona will certainly accommodate you.

Easily Split Receipts

Especially in the restaurant, it happens so often that customers want to share a table and split the bill. For this, the waiter will find that good help is at hand. With just a few keystrokes receipts are quickly merged or split, so that it won’t ever happen again that a waiter must take pen to paper and work out the split by hand.

Print Production Slip

It is easy to configure which items are required to be produced by the kitchen or bar, allowing order takers to print a production slip just for the kitchen. In addition, only the items which have not yet been printed on a production slip will be printed, so that items are not reproduced. This is especially important in restaurant scenarios where multiple courses may be ordered on the same ticket.

Special Promotions

Special pricing rules and promotions are essential tools for achieving customer loyalty or for increasing business during a typically slow time of day. Promotions such as a “Daily Special” or “Happy Hour” can be easily set in the POS with specified dates and times.

During the ordering process, Korona.pos instantly checks if an article is part of a campaign, applies the discount and if desired, can even notify the cashier with details about the promotion. If an item is a part of several promotions, the greatest discount will be selected automatically.

Combine this with the visual notifications and no promotion will escape the cashier so your customer is always given the best price.

Electronic Waiter’s Notebook is the ideal complement for any KORONA.pos in the hospitality sector. It completely replaces the old waiter’s notepad without the need for expensive, specialized equipment. All you need is a 4 oz. iPod Touch or iPad and you can perform all of the relevant cash register functions right at the table.

All of the recorded data is transmitted in a split second through your wireless network to the POS. more

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