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Get Word of Mouth Working for You

Reward customers for sharing their experiences with friends and family and benefit from one of the most powerful methods of marketing available.

One of the reasons that social media has exploded in popularity is because of people’s natural desire to share their experiences with family, friends, and colleagues. Myriad studies and anybody in the marketing business will also tell you that word of mouth endorsements are one of the most powerful forms of marketing out there. So Combase put two and two together to help our customers expand their competitiveness.

Friendsbonus is an effective solution that harnesses the power of word of mouth, through social media, to expand your reach and optimize your profitability.

The concept is simple.

Customers use their Friendsbonus card or smartphone at the point of sale to receive a discount or bonus and at the same time, Friendsbonus will post the activity on their Facebook timeline, expanding the word of mouth reach of the merchant.

Personalized Friendsbonus card

Customers simply print the personalized Friendsbonus card that’s generated during enrollment as a Friendsbonus user and hand it to the cashier to scan. The customer gets their bonus and your brand name spans across the breadth of their Facebook community.

Friendsbonus with Smartphone and QR-code

To use Friendsbonus with a smartphone and data connection, customers simply scan the QR-code at the check-out with their smartphone and then show the 3-digit code that they receive to the cashier. Once the code is entered by the cashier, the bonus is given and the Facebook entry is made.

Facebook actions

The actions are visible in the Facebook profile and activity feed of the user’s friends in real-time. Past actions will be grouped after extended periods of time. These groupings shed light on the favored stores of a user and will be perceived as recommendations by their friends. Through current actions, friends in the vicinity can be encouraged to visit the same store.

Find a Friendsbonus store

Friendsbonus offers a store finder feature to discover which shops are already Friendsbonus partners. Customers can search for a specific store or look up Friendsbonus stores nearby.

Maximize Benefits with Friendsbonus Reporting

Want to know who’s saying what about your business? Friendsbonus includes back office reporting that shows you the trends that better equip you to improve your business. The following data of Friendsbonus participants can be used for customer analysis:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Existing customer or new customer
  • Additional purchases (where the user bought before or after)

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