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Affiliate FAQ

Earn Residuals with the KORONA Affiliate Partner Program
Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is the Affiliate Partner Program? 

The KORONA.pos Cloud Affiliate Partner program offers you the opportunity to place links to the KORONA.pos Cloud platform on your site. When Cloud accounts are created through your link, you will receive a recurring commission on these subscriptions. This means you earn cash.

Is participation in the KORONA.pos Cloud Portal free? 

Yes, there is no cost associated with the participation in our Affiliate Partner program. Log in and simply add the link to your website.

What websites can participate? 

Most sites can participate in our Affiliate Partner program. However, sites with violent, sexually explicit or pornographic content, discriminatory statements or representations with respect to race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age are excluded from participation.

Can I participate with multiple sites? 

Yes, you can also sign up with multiple URLs.

Can I cancel my participation at any time? 

You can cancel with 7 days advance written notice, no questions asked.

Which advertising media can I choose to integrate? 

As an Affiliate Partner you will get text links which can be used in the text sections and banners of your website and which link directly to the KORONA.pos Cloud. The links are also suitable for use in e-mails and newsletters. In any case, your unique partner-ID will be obtained as long as your links have not been modified.

Will I need to update the built-in advertising on a regular basis? 

Since the links to the KORONA.pos Cloud are produced with a fixed IP address or domain name, an update is not necessary. In the event of a change in the IP address, domain or product presentation, we will inform you in advance, leaving plenty of time for you to get the current advertising.

For which products do I receive a commission? 

You will receive a commission on revenue generated by subscriptions to the KORONA.pos Cloud client software and modules. Additional services, such as hardware sales, training, setup and support services are not included.

How much is the commission? 

When a customer purchases a subscription from us by clicking on one of your partner links from your website, email or newsletters, you will earn 5% of the net sales generated, as long as the customer has fully paid for the ordered subscriptions and has not exercised the right to make a return.

When can I expect to receive the commission from a customer that has clicked my link? 

A customer must first successfully complete the registration in connection with your partner-ID. Their account will begin with a 30 day trial period. After that period, they will have the option to continue their service through a subscription. Only at this point, when the customer begins to pay for their subscription, will the account earn you the related commissions.

And if that customer uses a link other than mine to access their cloud account during or after the trial expires? 

During the initial registration with your link, the customer gets uniquely assigned to you. To continue to use the system and to optionally activate additional modules and POS terminals, the customer will have to log back into their existing account. Thus, it is entirely irrelevant at this point which link they use to reach the KORONA.pos Cloud platform to log in.

Can I view my success statistics? 

Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes promotional material in addition to the access data for your personal account. In your account area you will find your success statistics for your embedded links and also for your generated commission.

What if I forget my password for my partner account? 

That’s not a problem. You can request that your password be resent. It will be sent to the email address that you provided at registration.

How can I sign up? 

First, please read through the terms and conditions. If you accept this agreement, register online. In our response, we will email you about the next steps, in particular the technical implementation and the placement of links.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions? 

If you have any questions about our Affiliate Partner Program, please call us at: 702-997-2347 or write us:

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