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End of Life for Windows XP

Windows XP has now officially reached its end of life but what does this really mean? Short and simple: Your system will keep running but Microsoft will no longer provide updates or patches for XP and shut down any XP support. If your POS system is running on Windows XP this should be concerning for … Read more

Cloud POS – What you should know about the Cloud

Cloud POS - What you should know about the Cloud

It is clearly a hot topic in the industry. It is the most feared and wanted new thing on the market. There is a lot of buzz but most people don’t have a clear understanding of what Cloud POS is all about. This hype introduced a lot of new terms to POS which became for many people a general association with the overall topic of Cloud POS. I would like to break them down and explain each the distinctions between each one.

This will hopefully paint a clearer picture of the new POS technologies for your business and guide you in your selection process.

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